Friday – 15 September

8:30-9:30         Welcome coffee

09:00 -09:30  Welcome and opening

Session 1 Session Chair : Pr Bruno MEGARBANE and Dr Hossein MEHDAOUI

09:30-09:45     Current appraisal on global snakebite epidemiology                                                          Dr Jean-Philippe CHIPPAUX

9:45-10:00       Epidemiology of snakebites in French Guiana                                                                     Dr Loïc EPELBOIN

10:00-10:15     Venoumous snakes observed in French Guiana and the Guiana shield                         Fausto STARACE

10:15-10:30     Antidotes available for venomous species observed in the region                                   Dr David BOELS

10:30-10:45     Questions

10:45-11:15     Coffee break


Session 2 Session Chair : Pr Nacher and Dr Didier MARTIN

11:15-11:30     Management of poisonous snakebites in French Guiana: The saint Laurent de Maroni experience

Dr Véronique LAMBERT and Dr Sébastien LARRECHE

11:30-11:45     Management of poisonous snakebites in French Guiana: The Cayenne General  Hospital experience


11:45-12:00     Questions

12:00-14:00     Lunch


Session 3 Session chair: Pr Jose GUTIERREZ and Pr Rémi Névière

14:00-14:15     Management of Snakebites in Suriname                                                                             Dr Marjia VAN EER

14:15-14:30     Management of Snakebites in Brazil Dr Fan Hui Wen                                                        Dr Fan Hui Wen

14:30-14:45     Questions

14:45-15:00     Management of Bothrops Caribbaeus bites in Saint Lucia                                                Dr Martin DIDIER

15:00-15:15     Bothrops Lanceolatus bites: Review of the Martinican experience                                  Dr Dabor RESIERE

15:15-15:30     Questions

15:30-16:00     Coffee break


Session 4 Session chair: Dr Didier HOMMEL and Dr Laurent THOMAS

16:00-16:15     Biological and molecular and diagnosis of Snake Bites                                                     Dr Sébastien LARRECHE

16:15-16:30     New antidotal strategies for the treatment of snakebites                                                   Pr Jose GUTIERREZ

16:30-16:45     Discussion

16:45-17:00     Synthesis of the day & conclusions                                                                                       Pr Bruno Megarbane


Saturday – 16 September

8:30-9:00         Welcome coffee


Session 5 Session chair: Pr Megarbane and Dr Hossein MEHDAOUI

9:00-12:00       Debate & Discussion

9:00-12:00       Debate:

1) Clinical grading and management of snakebites in the French Guiana and surrounding countries

2) Preclinical and clinical research

ILLUSTRATION MAX SYBILLE (extrait du n°19 de Une saison en Guyane)